Our Mission

To find the best export Solution for the customer's particular requirement which results into the creation of long standing commercial relationships built on mutual trust and understanding.


Our Vision

vision has always been to excel in our performance and achieve perfection in what we are doing. Flawless production, timely delivery and competitive pricing are the characteristics of our organization.


Our Commitment

Our commitment is to understand and exceed the expectations of our valued customers, while delivering high quality product, services, and solutions to their most demanding requirements.

GROWMORE BRASS PRODUCTS - Quality AssuranceSkilled EngineeringTimely DeliveryCompetitive PriceModern Infrastructure

Growmore Brass Products is a leading manufacturer and exporter of precision brass components since 1990. Our state of the art factory and production methods enable us to set the industry standard for Quality, Product Performance, Packing and Timely Dispatching.

Our Products suits to all industrial sectors like Electrical, Electronics, Automobiles, Plastic Moulding Industry, Construction, Sanitary & Industrial Applications. Over the years we have serviced some of the largest corporate to the small companies in India and Abroad.

We ensure that we have up to date equipment so that not only can we produce great quality parts but we can also provide them quickly and efficiently. We therefore are careful to make sure that our warehouse of raw materials is kept well stocked so that we have everything that is needed to fulfil orders as they come in.

Our Products

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